Kanger Protank 4 Review


Kanger’s Subtank has been the hottest item in its lineup for a while now. However, once upon a time, the Kanger Protank was the best around, and it looks like it is that time again. The new Kanger Protank 4 offers vapers extreme coil versatility, making it the perfect choice for every type of vaper.



VersatilityKanger Protank 4 & contents

The Kanger Protank 4 has its own RBA deck and is compatible with all of the SSOCC coils already on the market. The kit comes with a 1.5-ohm coil that will appeal to those “mouth-to-lung vapers.” The new Protank 4 has Velocity-style posts and it comes with two Clapton coils. It can, however, accommodate a number of different builds, so it’s great for anyone who likes to experiment. It is definitely perfect for vaping enthusiasts.

Even those who are new to vaping, or those who just don’t like building their own coils, will love the choices the Protank 4 offers. The SSOCC coils have models that appeal every type of vaper – so no matter who you are, this one’s for you. With the wide variety of SSOCC coils out there, Kanger has really created a product that will appeal to the masses.

The Kanger Protank 4 also comes with a ceramic coil as these types of coils are becoming more popular. This is new to Kanger, though, so we will see how it works out for them. Kangertech has furnished this Protank 4 with two separate airflow control valves, one at the base and the other right below the drip tip. The bottom valve lets vapers customize their hit, allowing it to be airier or tighter depending on preference. The top airflow valve helps regulate the temperature of the produced vapor.

The LookKanger Protank 4

The aesthetics of the new Kanger Protank 4 should not be overlooked. The atomizer has been masterfully designed and it looks great! This new Kanger is made with extremely durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The body of the Protank has a shiny finish, giving it simple lines for a clean, elegant look. The deep grooves and ridges add a nice touch, too. Its large display window allows you to easily see how much e-liquid you have left.

Bottom Line

Kanger seems to be heading back to the top of the pyramid with this new Protank. This new atomizer should appeal to most vapers and its new additions are sure to be a hit!

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