Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit Review


Kanger Pangu

Among the simplest of new devices from Kanger’s library is the fascinating Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit. The simple wide-bore pen body almost makes you believe that this is a beginner’s vape, but that’s not quite the case. In fact, Kanger managed to pack this thing full of cool sub-ohm features and a high-end tank for the ultimate flavor and results. 

Adjustable Featureskanger-pangu-sub-ohm-starter-kit

In order to add more control to what is otherwise a very straightforward device, the Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit features dual adjustable airflow ports along with an adjustable juice port. This is important for sub ohm vapers who want to moderate the flow of vape juice closely and create a consistent flavor. 

Built-In Battery

The rechargeable 2500 mAh battery is a convenient touch and will last you several hours on the go. It also recharges very quickly so you don’t have much down time to worry about. 

Tank Capacity

The large 3.5 mL tank is a great feature for the Kanger Pangu Sub Ohm Starter Kit. It is among the larger tanks available on pen style vapes, and has an interesting stylish touch with the logo and adjustment knobs. The two different atomizer heads allow you to switch between variable wattage and temperature control modes without the need for complicated menus and screens. 


Certainly the most exciting feature of this device is the price tag. If you are new to Kanger and you’ve been waiting for a device or starter kit that is budget friendly, this is the one. It represents everything that has come to make Kanger a brand known for reliability and quality in a package that is easy to pick up and use. It’s a side step from their more advanced vaporizers but definitely takes into account all of the technology Kanger has already developed for vapers. At its price point, it’s on par with other pen vaporizers and definitely a good way to get familiar with the brand as a whole. 

The next time you’re looking for a pocket friendly vaporizer to keep with you, consider this Kanger gem. It is certainly sturdy enough to withstand anything you throw at it. 

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