Kanger Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer Tank Review


Kanger Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer Tank

Kanger Technology is one of the earliest manufacturers of electronic cigarette that was established in 2007. Kanger Technology focuses on giving the highest quality e-cig products that service both the US and the EU. Kanger Technology has had two other previous protanks which it has improved upon making the mini protank-3 the ultimate model. So what are some of the protank-3 best features?

Kanger Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer TankFeatures

  • Style/Branding: The Kanger tech logo is on the front of the mini tank and comes with dual coils, 1.5 ml capacity mini tank, bottom filling and bottom heating. The tank itself looks pretty sleek as it is stainless steel with a clear glass tank and has a straight drip tip which is also removable. The whole tank comes apart making it easy to refill with your favorite e-liquid. You can also tell that the tank pieces and seals are very high quality. You will also notice it has a large coil that allows you to draw massive vapor.
  • Performance: When you fill up to use the Kanger mini protank-3 there are no problems with leaking, flooding, gurgling or dry hits. A lot of other models can have problems with dry hits or gargling when you get near the bottom of your tank, not so with this model. You can fill it up again and again with the same quality from when your first took it out of the package. The amount of the vapor on the mini protank-3 is quite impressive where it gives you a smooth huge draw of vapor again and again.
  • Price: The Kanger mini protank-3 costs $9.99, and this is an excellent deal considering the fact there are no problems with this model. If you look what you are getting for the money, it is an easy to see why this mini tank should find a place in your home.

Kanger Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer Tank


The Kanger mini tank protank-3 clearomizer with its sleek design and problem-free tank should be in every e-cig vapor collection. If you are full time vapor then you should check out this model. For the price and the quality Kanger Tech came out with a real winner!

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