Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum TC Vape Mod Review


Anyone who has vaped for a good length of time has heard of the Kanger brand. Kanger tends to go beyond market expectations every time it comes out with a new mod and they just came out with the KBOX Mini Platinum TC Vape mod. It has a lot of stupendous features and looks sexy as hell. Today, I will be doing a full review on this delightful new mod from Kanger.


Kanger has outdone themselves once again as this model includes:Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum TC MOD

  • The Model itself measured in mm: H82xL39xW22
  • Temperature Control
  • Micro USB
  • Wattage 7-60 Watts
  • Spring Loaded 510
  • Protections against short circuit, over current, and over use

The Unit Itself

The Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum Mod is very shiny and bright at first glance, and it stays fairly clean as it doesn’t collect fingerprints on the case. It has a sleek, but simple design as the buttons have the case’s similar shiny appearance. It is quite easy to use with an easily readable screen. It is a little heavier than the competitor boxes on the market, but that adds to the durability of the Kanger product. The battery compartment is easy to remove as magnets hold it in place.

Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum TC MODMy Thoughts

Although I have been vaping quite a while, I was a bit surprised that this model didn’t have an internal battery that could be recharged. I would think that the Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum Mod is not meant for beginning vapers as they would be expecting some way to recharge their unit plus have some e-liquid on hand.

The Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum Mod, in my opinion, is meant for those who have been vaping for a while and are looking for an upgrade from whatever model they’ve been using. The price is truly hard to beat for such a great mod.

I thought it was very easy to use after putting the battery in and loading my favorite menthol flavor of e-liquid in my sub-tank to test out the mod. Testing out the 20 to 30 watt range, there was a noticeable difference once I got to 30, and I can say that Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum Mod is a premium product. I would definitely recommend the Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum Mod for those looking for an additional mod for their collection.


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