Kanger KBOX 160W TC MOD Review



The Kanger KBOX 160W TC Mod is an updated version of Kanger’s super powerful KBOX line. While they have released a full range of KBOX devices ranging up to 200W, this revamped version of the 160W box is now cleaner and more modern than any of their other mods. The slimmed-down box is a nice touch considering how much power really is harnessed in this thing. 


You can’t help but notice that the Kanger KBOX 160W TC Mod is small and simple. The dark brushed steel appearance with simple branding on the side fits perfectly with the soft touch buttons on the face and the slightly recessed LED screen. It all fits together nicely in the palm of your hand, and you can comfortably wrap your fingers around the box to rest easily on the firing button. 

PerformanceKanger KBOX 160W TC MOD-Stainless Steel

Temperature control and variable wattage are both features of the Kanger KBOX 160W TC Mod. On the one hand, the variable wattage setting is a quick and convenient way to just pick up the device and start vaping. However, the TC side of things gives you a ton of customizable options to really explore with. The LED screen is impressively bright and clear, a nice change from some of the other small boxes that are hard to navigate due to limited screen space. Kanger did a good job of giving you all the information you need in one easy format. 

Battery Life

It’s worth noting that the Kanger KBOX 160W TC Mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries. While the dual battery set-up is very common with many of the high-end boxes today, Kanger did a great job of adding battery-saving features to this box to extend the life and improve efficiency. You can definitely get a solid all-day vape out of one set of batteries. With the right coils and set-up, this device can be hyper efficient.

Kanger has done a great job with the KBOX all around, and the all new 160W mod is a look into what the future of devices will be. Sleek, simple and small is the way of the future, which is a huge relief after seeing so many boxes getting bigger and bigger for so long. Kanger has mastered high power in a tiny frame and that makes everyone happy. 

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