iSub SS BVC Coil (0.5) Review


iSub SS BVC Coil

The iSub SS BVC Coil is Innokin’s latest offering for anyone who is looking to truly expand their vaping experience with an innovative coil. A five pack of these will fit flawlessly with any iSub tank using their patented “No Spill” technology. You can easily change out coils on the go with little to no effort whatsoever.


The iSub SS BVC Coil features a number of interesting characteristics central to its design. The result is a dynamic heating platform that interacts with your vape juice to bring out its very brightest and best flavors. In addition to the full flavor profile, there is also plenty to be said about the cloud building capabilities of these coils, impressive to even the most advanced cloud chasers around.

Many people are happy to find that these particular coils seem to be built to handle high wattage vaping, something that causes other coils to create burnt tastes. For people who enjoy vaping at a high-wattage setting, these are a great option. 


What’s important about the iSub SS BVC Coil is that it is a class of coils unto itself, representing a wide range of resistances and materials. This means that you can purchase these coils in 0.1, 0.2 or even 0.5 ohm resistances.

In addition, a choice between Nickel 200 and Stainless Steel allows you to use these coils with any of your favorite temperature control devices. Plus the Clapton coil option adds another touch of variety to the bunch. All of these options are available as either individual or five pack options for your convenience.


Certainly one of the distinguishing features of the iSub SS BVVC Coil is the price point. Individual coils priced are priced under $2 online, and 5 packs can be found for $8.95. Of the custom coil options on the market, especially those designed with so many sub-ohm ratings and unique materials, this is a highly competitive price. Any chance for bigger clouds and better flavors for less money is worth a shot! 

The iSub SS BVC Coil really is one of the most versatile coil options available from Innokin, and it fits seamlessly into any vaper’s iSub collection. The variety of coil types available makes it a great choice for anyone experimenting with temperature control at any budget. 

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