Inferior Quality My Freedom Smokes Electronic Cigarette


Review of My Freedom Smokes Electronic Cigarette

I have used my fair share of electronic cigarettes, so I’m always looking for a brand new option to experiment with. The My Freedom Smokes Electronic Cigarette starter kit was an available option for people who are looking to start out with electronic cigarettes, but the major problem with the product is the actual price. The starter kit comes off at almost three times the price of what someone might spend on another option. With this extra money saved, it is possible to purchase a large amount of additional replacement juice with the other brands. Plus, the My Freedom Smokes Electronic Cigarette starter kit only comes with two vaporizers, while other packs are going to come with anywhere from three to five.

Misleading Advertisement

The imagery of the product is also a bit misleading. When I purchased it, the photograph right on the product makes it look as though I was going to receive a half dozen vaporizers, which I figured would be great because I like to switch between different flavors throughout the day, depending on my mood and what I’m doing. However, when I received it and the package only came with two, I felt that I had been bamboozled into purchasing the product that does not provide what the image shows.

Battery Issues and Conclusion

The battery takes longer than I would desire for charging. Sometimes I forget to charge my vaporizers overnight, but with some of the other brands out there this really hasn’t been much of a problem. I can usually plug it into the car charger on my way to work or even into a USB port on my computer system while at work. While the battery is USB based with this device, the charging takes far too long than the other options that are for sale, which is exactly why I don’t really like this option and I’m not really a fan of the My Freedom Smokes Electronic Cigarette starter kit at all. I just feel that for the money it is not a good investment and it is possible to buy a different product that is going to last longer, charge faster and not cost nearly as much money. That is why I would not recommend this electronic cigarette.

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