Have You Tried Volcano E-Cigs Inferno Starter Kit?


Volcanoe E-Cigs Inferno Starter Kit Review

Whether you are new to vaping or are an experienced e-smoker, your life is not complete until you have tried the Inferno Starter Kit. While I can not say I am a veteran e-smoker I have tried over 12 various e-cigarettes and Infernos have proved to be my favorite. This is a quick review for those of you on the fence about this incredible product from Volcano.
Volcanoe E-Cigs Inferno




  • Extra long battery life, up to three days with aggressive use
  • The ability to charge and use at the same time
  • Quite possibly the most vapor on the market
  • Gives you the ultimate throat hit


  • Unable to hold the Inferno as a cigarette
  • May not be the best choice for a complete beginner
  • Voltage can not be adjusted


One of the most important factors with any e-cigarette is the amount of vapor it produces and the ability to get a throat hit. I have found that the more vapor it produces, the more it simulates an actual cigarette. Being a heavy smoker myself for years, the Inferno was the only e-cigarette to help me stop buying regular cigarettes.

Volcanoe E-Cigs Inferno Kit Starter KitFlavors

I have heard some other users say that Volcano falls short on their flavors. I have to disagree with that statement, as I believe they excel in creating some of the most tropical, exotic flavors. At the time of this writing, there are 42 flavors to pick from. Many reflecting the island atmosphere on Hawaii from where the company is situated. One of my absolute favorites is the Choconilla, a splendid mix of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. It feels as though a bakery and Starbucks exploded in your mouth!

Battery Life

By far the battery is one of the most impressive features of the Inferno. I was able to use the 900 mAh for a full three days before having to recharge. Your results may vary by how much you vape. However, you can charge this via the micro USB on your laptop while you vape!


The Inferno is a high-quality e-cigarette that will delight experienced users and makes vaping a true pleasure. There are few e-cigs on the market that are able to deliver such a full flavored vapor that Inferno does.

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