Halo E-Cigs Captain Jack E-liquid


Halo E-Cigs Captain Jack E-liquid: A Review

Who doesn’t like pirates? The great age of piracy is one of those periods in human history that continues to capture my imagination. Halo E-Cigs Captain Jack E-liquid flavor takes the name of the legendary Calico Jack for this particular flavor. Like the great age of pirates I was expecting something bold, audacious, and a bit reckless when I bought this flavor. After all when I think of pirates controlled and meek doesn’t come to mind. Let’s take a quick look shall we?

Halo E-Cigs Captain Jack E-liquid


  • First and foremost Captain Jack smokes like a pipe tobacco its strong and gives you a good solid hit of flavor. Its not subtle and it packs a punch. If you like pipes you’ll dig on this e-liquid.
  • Secondly there’s a sweetness to it. I found it reminded me of honey it had that kind of sweet undertone to it that I like. Its not overpowering or overly complex mind you but it adds a nice touch.
  • Lastly it mixes well. Once I got used to the taste I found Captain Jack  works well when blended with other flavors. Not all liquids play nice together but Captain Jack isn’t one of them. I found it pairs well with Turkish blends.


  • For some it may be a bit too strong. While the captain isn’t overly harsh it isn’t designed for users used to weaker tobacco flavors. If you’ve never experienced a pipe or a cigar you may find that first a bit strong for your liking. It does grow on you but its something you have to get used to and use for a bit to see if you like it.
  • This one is for the tobacco purist. Captain Jack is not too complex as I noted above its a slightly sweet pipe tobacco and not everyone is into that. If you lean towards fruit flavors and sweeter flavors you may not care for this one.


At the end of the day the big question is, ‘Did I like it?’ That is a resounding yes. I’ve always enjoyed stronger flavors and I like the taste of a good back to basics tobacco every now and again. In summation Halo E-Cigs Captain Jack E-liquid is well worth the price as long as you know what to expect going in. But for the pipe fan its a good one.

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