Halo E-Cigs Belgian Cocoa E-liquid Flavor Review


A Review of Halo’s Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

Halo claims that by using high-grade ingredients in their e-liquids, they produce a better product and many people would have to agree. Quality control and a dedication to bringing customers great flavors is what sets Halo liquids on the top tier of the e-liquid pyramid. Halo produces a line of unique flavors. The Belgian Cocoa is unique as it actually tastes like a desert instead of an overly sweet artificial candy. With a variety of strengths, this could be a favorite for those who like an occasional treat or a sweet all day vape.


– Good Vapor

– No chemical flavorHalo E-Cigs Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

– Actually tastes like chocolate

– Slightly Sweet- Medium flavor

– Variety of strengths (0 to 24 mg)

– Reasonable price ($5.99 for 7 ml, $19.99 for 30 ml)

– Quality ingredients


– Not everyone will want to vape this one all day

– Desert vape for some

The Flavor

Because of their dedication to a great product, Halo has perfected a chocolate flavor that actually tastes great. Unlike many chocolate flavors that overly sweet to disguise the poor flavor,  Belgian Cocoa is a unique bled that tastes more like a desert than a smoke. By combining a dry cocoa flavor with sweeter overtones, Halo has perfected a flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Because it’s not overly sweet, it’s perfect for an all day vape or an occasional treat. Like many Halo e-liquids it has a great throat hit that’s surprising for what many consider a desert flavor.

Quality Standards

Halo is an American company that believes that quality is the key to creating a great product.  They use only pharmaceutical and United States pharmacopeia (USP) grade products. These standards are important so that users know they are getting the best ingredients available. Halo also realizes that storage is very important for the e-liquids. By storing ingredients in the proper conditions and using a high turn-over rate, they ensure all e-liquids are fresh.


While Halo has focused more on tobacco and menthol flavors, the Belgian Cocoa lives up to the expectations of Halo quality. With it’s reasonable price tag and variety of strengths, this is sure to be a favorite for those who like sweet flavors. So if you are looking for that perfect chocolate flavor with a throat hit, this might be something to consider.

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