Goon RDA by 528 Customs Review


Goon RDA

The makers of the very popular Monster RTA have come out with a new RDA. This new Goon RDA by 528 Custom makes building very easy for new users. Experienced builders will love this new RDA, too.

The Goon RDA features a unique bridge-styled build deck. It allows nearly any sized build to fit with ease. It has a large 24 millimeter diameter that provides for huge builds and it incorporates a deep vape juice well that helps prevent annoying leaks.

Design and FeaturesGoon RDA

The Goon has some other very cool features and the gold-plated positive and negative posts are just two of them. It also has PEEK insulators that give the RDA excellent conductivity and insulation.

The designer of the GOON RDA is Blueeyedgoon83. They are known for their intricate designs and their exquisite builds. The size of the post holes in the Goon is important, too, as they are like no others on the market. Their size allows for a variety of different builds and this is great for those who like to experiment with their devices.

One fun feature of the Goon RDA is that it can be purchased in three different colors: copper, brass or stainless steel. This allows the RDA to match with almost any device.

Installing Coils

The Goon uses a new idea in design, the “bridge clamp.”  Basically, this means that the Goon has a flat surface that has a second bridge on top. It is simple to place a built coil on the surface and screw down the upper bridge onto the surface, producing a connection.

For those who love to build, the Goon makes it easy. It doesn’t matter what type of builds, either – installing huge, intricate builds or simple, small builds is easy due to the bridge clamp design. Users say this design makes the Goon RDA indestructible.

The builds that can be done with the Goon are limitless!Goon RDAs

Price Point

Even better, the Goon RDA is priced at around $60, making it an incredible value. Those who love to build, or want to get into building, can’t go wrong with the Goon. It will last and last, and at this price, it’s the perfect RDA to start with.

Are you ready to order your new Goon RDA? The time is right, so order yours today to see what you can do with the Goon!

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