Get Your Chocolate and Coffee Fix with the VaporFi ChocoJava Flavor E-liquid


VaporFi ChocoJava Flavor E-liquid Review

Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee. These are some of the finer things in life, so whenever there is something that combines the two I am almost all over it. Of course, bring in the ability to enjoy these flavors while taking in my nicotine at the same time, well it is almost impossible to get any better than this. That is why I had to pick up the VaporFi ChocoJava Flavor E-liquid. As soon as I saw it I picked it up, and It might be the very best flavored e-liquid I have ever tried before.

VaporFi ChochoJava E-liquid


Some of the benefits of the VaporFi ChocoJava Flavor E-liquid include:

  • Different Coffee Levels
  • Different Nicotine Levels
  • FDA Registered

Different Coffee Levels

Some people like their double shot in the morning, others like a single shot. For me, it really just depends on how much of a pick-me-up I need and how quickly I need the caffeine to hit my system. However, I’m more use to the single shot. With the VaporFi ChocoJava Flavor E-liquid, it is possible to select from a double shot and chocolate to a single shot with chocolate. This way, the flavor notes are always perfect, no matter what someone is use to.

Different Nicotine Levels

Another benefit of the VaporFi ChocoJava E-liquid is that I have the ability to change the nicotine level. I tend to go with the 12 ml of nicotine, which is right in the middle. I don’t want anything too strong or to weak, so this is perfect for me. However, there are other levels of nicotine available, including 6, 18 and 24 ml. For people who do not want any level of nicotine and just want the flavor infusion, it is possible to find this as well as there is a nicotine free option.

VaporFi E-liquids

FDA Registered

A major reason that I purchase the VaporFi ChocoJava E-liquid, outside of the flavor, is because it is made in the United States inside of an FDA registered lab with an FDA registered formula. This way, the Food and Drug administration know what is inside of the product and assure it is the finest available ingredients.

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