Get Back to the Roots with Eversmoke Royal Tobacco E-Cig Cartridges


Eversmoke Royal Tobacco E-cig Cartridge Review

I enjoy my flavored e-cigs from time to time. Sometimes I enjoy a flavored option after dinner or when I need something smoother to replace a late night sweet. However, there is something about the bold, robust flavor of tobacco that just can’t be replaced. That is exactly why I use the Eversmoke Royal Tobacco E-Cig Cartridges. I gives the perfect tobacco flavor, which is why it truly is the best option for me. It is my go-to every day and I use it more than any other e-cig flavor.


Some of the benefits of the Eversmoke Royal Tobacco E-Cig Cartridges include:

  • Refined and Smooth Tobacco Flavor
  • Replicates Some Top Tobacco Brands
  • Buy in Different Pack SizesEversmoke Royal Tobacco E-cig Cartridge

Refined and Smooth Tobacco Flavor

The Royal Tobacco e-cig cartridge is a gentler, more refined tobacco. It is not as harsh assume of the stronger American blends and it isn’t as rich as what might be obtained from a Middle Eastern blend. I always enjoyed the sophisticated flavor, aroma and feel of the western European style of tobacco, which is why I greatly enjoy the Eversmoke Royal Tobacco e-cig cartridges. For anyone who enjoys the same, I highly recommend this kind of e-cig flavor.

Replicates Some Top Tobacco Brands

I completely understand the need to have an e-cig taste similar to one of the favorite cigarettes, especially when making the move over. This is exactly why I like everything about the Royal Tobacco option. It reminds me of the flavors I use to enjoy while smoking a traditional cigarette. For those looking to make the switch over to an e-cig, the Eversmoke Royal Tobacco e-cig Cartridges have a similar complexity to Benson & Hedges, Viceroy, Merit, L & Me, Parliament and Kent, to name some. Again, this is more of a British and French style of tobacco, but for those who look for this, it is a great opportunity.

Buy in Different Pack Sizes

Each individual cartridge has the equivalent of a full pack of cigarettes worth of puffs. However, I don’t purchase the Eversmoke Royal Tobacco e-cig cartridges one at a time. Instead, it is possible to buy the cartridges in packs of 15, 30 and 45 in size.

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