Fried Cream Cakes by Liquid EFX Review


What could be more classic than a favorite flavor from fairs all over the country? Liquid EFX created Fried Cream Cakes to bring you your favorite sweets in deliciously fried goodness. That’s right, a vanilla custard cream center wrapped in soft yellow cake, and dipped quickly in sizzling oil for that nice crispy outer shell. If we were at a fair, you would be eating it off of a stick. 

Dessert Blends

Dessert blends are very popular right now, and Liquid EFX nailed it with this one. As you vape you can feel the fried outer layer give way to soft, fluffy yellow cake. There’s a hint of powdered sugar thrown into the mix, because what would a fried dessert be without it? Then suddenly, the vanilla cream comes up from the center and fills the air around you with a delicious, mellow flavor. Even as a dessert, this vape is quite enjoyable for any-time vaping. 

The Chemistry

Like many other dessert vape juices, Fried Cream Cakes favors the VG. It’s relatively thick and silky going into your device, and offers the same qualities on the inhale. The vanilla finishing note keeps on giving long after you have finished your vaping session. The more you vape, the more the individual flavors come together to create the full carnival experience. 

The Packaging

Much like many of the new players on the scene, Liquid EFX sought to stand out on the store shelf with Fried Cream Cakes. Their box is bright yellow and red, showcasing everyone’s favorite snack cake floating enticingly over a fryer. The packaging is pretty nice for a start up brand. Plus, for $26, the 60mL bottle is a fair deal. It comes with either a small dropper bottle or a convenient unicorn bottle, which many people prefer. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun new vape that will take you way back to those years of fried foods on a stick and carnival rides, this is it. It is a great vape for fans of strong vanilla flavors, as the vanilla cream certainly fills every bit of space in between the cake and the powdered sugar. However, it makes for a great treat after a hearty meal or a long day at the office.

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