For Any Lover of Chocolate, the Mount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake Flavor is the Perfect E-Cig Option


Mount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake Review

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth. I’ve been the guy that continually looked over restaurant menus for the desert first, before the actual meal. If there is cake around I am there, so when I made the switch to e-cigs, I decided to try out any and every kind of sweet vapor option around. Above all of the other options, I have found that the Mount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake is truly one of the very best.

When selecting the Mount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake E-liquid, there are different nicotine strengths listed, including:

0mgMount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake E-liquid






American Made

While the Mount Baker Vapor German Chocolate Beefcake Flavor is based off of German chocolate, it is made in the United States. I like to try and purchase as many American made products as I can, and I have found many of the best e-cig options do come from within the US and this flavor is of no exception. The liquid concoction is truly delightful as it has the deeper, rich flavor of German chocolate, without becoming too sweet or artificial. It tastes like a quality candy bar, and I really enjoy swapping in this liquid after most of my meals. I might have a sweet tooth, but I also like to watch what I eat.


Now, when I tell friends I’m using a German chocolate beefcake, they often are a bit confused as to the flavoring of this. It is basically a combination of chocolate, caramel and coconut. I have actually recommended this a few different times to friends who have a high cholesterol problem, as they are not always able to enjoy a delicious treat during the week and they also have sweet cravings. With this, it is possible to exercise the cravings, all without packing on the pounds. Plus, with all of the different levels of nicotine, it is possible to alter the strength, based on how much someone wants. I tend to go with the 12mg, but nothing wrong with the others.

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