Flavors and Strength Aplenty with V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges


V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges Review

The reason I love my vaporizer is because not only can I leave the lighter at home (and no longer worry about it falling under the car seat), but I am also able to quickly and easily swap in new flavors. Regular cigarettes really do not come with this sort of variety, but even if cigs did, I’d need to walk around with a half dozen packs. Thanks to the V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges, I am able to instantly switch in a new flavor. I have been trying out different cartridge flavors and brands for a while now, and the V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges really taste more authentic and pure than what the majority of other brands sell.

V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges RedSome of the features that I really like regarding the V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges are:

– An assortment of flavors

– 5 different strength levels

Flavor Types

The V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges are broken down into three different flavor categories. The first is a traditional tobacco flavor, the second being cool menthol flavors and the third group of V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges are considered specialty flavors. There are three tobacco flavors. This includes an American tobacco, a refined tobacco and a Turkish tobacco flavor. The next group of V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges includes three menthol flavors. There is a mint, a sweet mint and a green tea mint option found inside of the three menthol flavors. As for specialty flavors, there are several flavors that I really enjoy. These flavors include grape, cherry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and even soda. These are just not flavors that are not available with other companies that sell regular cigarettes.

V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges MentholNicotine Strength

In terms of flavor strength, there are five different strengths. The first is a 2.4 percent intake of nicotine, which is the equivalent of an unfiltered, regular cigarette. Than there is a 1.8 percent, a 1.2 percent (which is the most popular), a .6 percent and even a zero percent. This way, I can enjoy the flavor of some of these different V2 Ex Series Flavor Cartridges, all without needing to actually take in any nicotine. I also recommend these for my friends who are trying to quit smoking, as they can slowly because their level of nicotine intake.

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