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VaporFi Cool Citrus Flavor E-Liquid Review

One of the exceptional benefits of using vaporizers instead of traditional cigarettes is my new ability to change out the flavor of my nicotine fix. I can’t name how many times I’ve wished I could smoke something with a bit more flavor to it when I use to smoke cigarettes. Yes, I could always hop onto a hookah, which in turn gave me the ability to alter in and out flavors, but obviously I can’t actually bring my hookah with me while I am at the office. I don’t think my boss would like me firing it up in the middle of a conference call. However, with the Vaporfi Cool Citrus E-Liquid, this is all possible and the delectable orange and menthol ice blend is both refreshing and satisfying, all at the same time.VaporFi Cool Citrus E-liquid

There are a few different features when purchasing the Vaporfi Cool Citrus E-Liquid. This feature is:

– Select Double Shot of Orange Crush

– Select Single Shot of Menthol Ice

The Perfect Combo

The ability to swap in and out the different strength and flavors of the menthol and orange is extremely nice. For some people, I know they really like the menthol flavor. To me, I am not super keen on taking a large amount of menthol in when I smoke. Due to this, I really enjoy going in on a double shot of orange crush and adding only a single shot of menthol ice. This way, I am able to always enjoy my nicotine with the delicious flavor of the orange and only a slight variation of menthol. Of course, just about everyone else might be different, so they might rather have more menthol than orange, which is perfectly fine, and when they order the Vaporfi Cool Citrus E-Liquid, they are able to make this  very selection.


I have long told my smoking friends that they need to make the switch from regular cigarettes to vaporizers. It is the ability to quickly and easily swap in new flavors like the Vaporfi Cool Citrus E-Liquid that make it so much more desirable and beneficial that I actually have started to win over many of my smoking friends and I believe that more are going to follow suit as well.

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