EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit Review


Review the EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

When I was looking for an alternative to cigarettes a friend of mine let me try one of his electronic cigarettes. Different but cool. I liked the taste and really dug the lack of smoke and tar. As someone who doesn’t go halfway I decided to buy a start kit with plenty of options. The EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit came with everything I needed to get started. Here’s what I received and what I thought of it.

EverSmoke Ultimate Starter KitPros

  • The first thing that stood out to me where the sheer number of electronic cigarettes. However, upon closer inspection I saw each was a little different and had its own uses and design concepts. One was smaller and had a mini battery that you could charge up with a pocket charger, one had a larger long lasting battery and an automatic switch, and the last one had the same long lasting battery but a manual switch for when you use it.
  • I found the mini to be good when I was on the go because I could charge it on the go and the longer lasting ones good for when I was sitting around the house.
  • There is also a power cig which is a non battery powered electronic cigarette you hook up to a USB port to use, handy in a pinch.
  • I was also pleased with the sheer amount of chargers the set included. I had one for the wall outlet, one USB charger, and one for my car. I appreciated the variety and ease of charging and forgetting one charger didn’t leave me without options.
  • The set also included a handy carrying case and 15 flavor cartridges which gave me a good starting point.


  • Overall everything I received was quality but some of the components were more useful than others.
  • The power cig while useful isn’t something I can see myself using very often.
  • The charging case is awesome but only works on mini batteries so to get the most out of it I may buy a few more.


All in all I found the EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit to be well worth the price. The main thing is that it provides everything you need and a wide variety of electronic cigarettes to use and ways to charge them. I found in having all these options at hand made it easier to figure out what I liked.

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