EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit Review


A review of the EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

I’ve done the research online and, with all things considered such as taste, vapor quality, ease of use, cost, etc., decided that EverSmoke was the best place to start. They offer four different starter kits, including the Basic, the Pro, the Ultimate and the Reusable and, because of the price versus value, I decided the Pro Starter Kit was for me. It’s virtually the same as the basic kit, but for a few extra bucks I got double the number of vapor cartridges (10 instead of 5), an adaptor for charging the e-cig batteries in my car through the cigarette lighter (don’t need that lighter anymore!) plus EverSmoke throws in a Power Cig. This little gem plugs right into my computer through the USB so I can “smoke” without having to use batteries!

EverSmoke Pro Starter KitHow Easy Is It?

When I got the starter kit I was amazed how easy it was to get going right away. The two batteries included, one standard (short) and one extra-capacity (long) were charged and ready to go. All I had to do was screw on a flavor cartridge and start enjoying. And enjoy I did! The flavor was great, the vapor was strong and the whole experience was very cool. I’m even allowed to smoke inside the house now, which is a real bonus, since there’s no real smoke, no ashes, no nasty smell and no bits of burning ember to fall and burn holes in the furniture or carpets.

Five Stars For This Unit

What I like most about this EverSmoke product is that no real maintenance is required since each cartridge, which is equal to about the number of puffs from one pack of regular cigarettes, has its own atomizer so there’s no atomizer maintenance. The batteries, which form the body of the e-cig, come in a choice of black, white or silver. You can also choose your preferred flavor and nicotine strength.

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