Eversmoke Portable Charging Case Review


Eversmoke Portable Electronic Cigarette Charging Case

Recently, Eversmoke released a new product. It is the Eversmoke Portable Charging Case. This handy tool allows for e-cigarettes to be recharged in its fully independent system. No need for stopping to hook up to a computer or an outlet; insert the e-cigarettes into the portable charging case and they are soon charged. This unique product caters to the active lifestyle, and can be used, regardless of the availability of outlets and requires no cords to be plugged in, for recharging your e-cigarettes.

ProsEversmoke Portable Charging Case

  • Easily fits in a pocket or small purse.
  • Can be used four times before charging.
  • Computer or outlet can recharge it.
  • LED shows how much charging life there is.
  • Exterior flashlight.
  • Is about the size of a pack of cigarettes.


Can only be used with the Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette.


The charging case is packaged with two types of charging units; one for a traditional outlet and a USB charger for use with a computer. It allows for the charging of four electronic cigarettes at one time. The unit offers a convenient storage case as well, when the e-cigarettes are not in use.

With this advanced system, the batteries on the e-cigarettes will not be impaired, even after numerous uses. This is not the case with other brands of charging packs.

A standard feature of the portable case is a flashlight, bringing an extra convenience for unexpected activities after dark. Within the case itself, is another light, illuminating the interior for easy storage without having to fumble the e-cigarettes to make a secure connection.

An LED display allows you to see the level of charge, so you know how many uses are left between charges.

Bottom Line

Whether you are at a meeting, out and about visiting with friends, attending your child’s sports event or sitting in the comfort of your home watching television, the Eversmoke Portable Charging Case quickly and efficiently adds a new charge to your e-cigarettes without hassle. Because of its convenient size and long-lasting capabilities, the portable charging case allows you to avoid ever being caught without a cigarette when you want it.

The features of the Eversmoke Portable Charging Case makes this the best brand on the market for the smoker with an active lifestyle. It is compact, reliable and offers a handy flashlight, so you can always find your keys at night!

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