EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges Review


Reviewing EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges

As a smoker and someone who likes to follow the newest technology trends its no surprise I found electronic cigarettes to be an interesting idea and one I wanted to try. I gotta tell you electronic cigarettes are the way to go if you want a few advantages over normal cigarettes. The lack of smoke alone is worthwhile as it keeps your clothes smelling nice and doesn’t anger non smokers around you. However, I think the most interesting aspect is the use of flavor cartridges. There is an entire world’s worth of flavors out there to try. You can find stuff that taste like candy, your favorite fruit, your favorite coffee, or just good old fashioned tobacco. For those of you in the old fashioned tobacco camp I’m here to talk about one such flavor, Golden Tobacco from Eversmoke.

EverSmoke Golden Tobacco CartridgesFlavor

First off the taste is excellent. If you like the taste of a good cigarette with no frills or added flavors you’ll really dig this. Its as close to the real thing as you can get. The taste is smooth with a hint of sweetness. The best part may be the fact you taste nothing else. Now I do enjoy flavored cartridges, like I do a good cup of coffee. But sometimes I want something non fancy and back to the basics. Golden Tobacco is it man. Nothing pretentious here just straight tobacco flavor.


Another cool aspect of buying flavored cartridges is I can pick the strength. You can get Golden Tobacco in a wide range of strengths. That means you have ultra lights, lights, full flavored, and bold. Basically ultra lights and lights are about what you’d expect with that label; full flavored will remind you of a basic filtered cigarette while bold is unfiltered and packs a lot of flavor. Cool part is you can easily buy several different strengths and switch up depending on your mood and stress level. Not everyday is bold day but some days it really helps.


To tie this all together my conclusion is Golden Tobacco is a good product at a good cost that delivers what you’re looking for. Its back to basics smooth tobacco flavoring in an easy to use electronic cigarette format. You also have a wide range of strengths that easily match up to cigarette strengths you are already familiar with. In summation buy them you won’t be disappointed.

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