Enjoy the Sweet and Delectable Flavor of VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid


VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid Flavor Review

I have long enjoyed all of the different flavors I am able to experience with the VaporFi line of vaporizers. There are dozens of options out there, ranging from regular, traditional tobacco flavors to more fruity offerings. One of the flavors that I must say I like the most is the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid. With the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid, I am able to satisfy my sweet tooth, all without damaging my teeth or have to worry about potential cavities forming. There really is no other way to go about doing this, which is just one of the many reasons why I like the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid so much. There are different flavor notes found in the Caribbean Escape, each of which brings something new and exciting to the world of nicotine. Due to this, I always recommend people to check out the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid and see what they have been missing.

VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-LiquidThe flavor notes of the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid include:

– Island Pineapple

– Mango Tango

– Lemon Zest


When ordering the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid, it is possible to make several different alterations to the product. First, I can choose the strength of nicotine I find in the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid. I am not someone who needs a considerable amount of nicotine to make it through the day. I tend to just like a cigarette after means and other events during the day. Due to this, before I switched to vaporizers I only really smoke probably a handful of cigs each day. This kept my tolerance down so I could enjoy only a few cigs while still feeling the full effect. With the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid, I am able to determine the right strength of nicotine, ranging from none at all to the very top strength, which is equivalent to a non-filtered cigarette.

Flavor Mix

Beyond this, the VaporFi Caribbean Escape E-Liquid typically comes with a single shot of Island Pineapple, a single shot of Mango Tango and a single shot of Lemon Zest. Of course, after I receive the product in the mail it is possible to alter this and change the level of flavors in my vaporizer. I can make it my very own.

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