Enjoy The Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Flavor’s Incredible Flavor


Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Review

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth, so me switching from cigarettes to the e-liquid variety really became a no brainer. There are so many excellent sweet flavors I have been able to experiment with I couldn’t be happier. One of the latest e-liquid flavors I checked out recently has been the Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Flavor. Featuring a combination of mint and chocolate, the really is nothing like what this e-liquid option has to offer.


Some of the benefits of the Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Flavor include:

  • Several different bottle sizes
  • Adjustable nicotine level
  • Intense, realistic flavor

Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid

Bottle Sizes

Usually when I pick up a new flavor, I tend to try out a smaller bottle size until I know I like the flavor. After testing out the Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Flavor, I immediately purchased the largest bottle possible. This is the 30 ml variety. I picked up the smaller option before St. Patrick’s day due to the “Shamrock” name, and it proved incredibly flavorful with the mint and chocolate mixed together. After tasting it, I knew I needed the larger bottle size.

Adjustable Nicotine Level

One of the great features of most e-liquid bottles is the ability to select different levels of nicotine. I’ve always been right down the middle, nothing too strong and nothing too weak which is why I go with the 12 ml of nicotine. The Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid Flavor does come in a 0, 6, 18 and 24 variations, so there is something for everyone when picking out the premium e-liquid.

Intense, Realistic Flavor

I’ve found that sometimes the sweeter e-liquids tend to have a fake taste to it. There is something about these e-liquids that just taste a bit off. However, the Halo E-Cigs Shamrock E-liquid is spot on with its flavor. It really does taste like a mint and chocolate chip cookie, like one someone might find on their pillow at a hotel. It is, I’d say, heavier on the chocolate than what the mint and chocolate chip ice cream might offer, but for any fans of this kind of flavor, they are sure to enjoy the e-liquid.


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