Enjoy Island Life with the Mount Baker Vapor Jamaican Rum E-liquid


Mount Baker Vapor Jamaican Rum E-liquid Review

There is just something romantic about the idea of sitting on an island beach somewhere, sipping on a cocktail while the sun gives me a nice, golden tan. Of course, this isn’t likely to happen any time soon, but the Mount Baker Vapor Jamaican Rum Flavor sure can give that feeling. This e-liquid is perfect for any time of the day, especially in the middle of the work week when I just want a short vacation from my job.

Mount Baker Vapor

Some of the benefits of Mount Baker Vapor Jamaican Rum Flavor include:

  • Different Blend Options
  • US Made
  • Flavor Perfectly Reflects Jamaican Rum

Different Blend Options

One of the unique benefits of the Mount Baker Vapor Jamaican Rum e-liquid is the ability to select different blend options. While most e-liquids offer a variety of nicotine strength offerings, this one makes it possible to go anywhere from 80% PG and 20% VG all the way to 100% VG and no PG. It really just depends on what someone is looking for. I tend to go with 50/50 to keep everything balanced, but it is just one of the nice features that makes this an excellent purchase.

US Made

I tend to only purchase U.S. made e-liquids when I can help it. I find the flavor to be better and I trust the product line that much more. I find that these flavors are more authentic and not as artificial as the vapor flavors made in China or India. Plus, I know the U.S. has some very specific standards for the manufacturing of e-liquids, so I know it isn’t going to come with any harmful alternative products and ingredients included.

Flavor Perfectly Reflects Jamaican Rum

The flavor artistically reflects the exact taste of enjoying a Jamaican rum. It has that slight sweetness to it and almost heavier molasses flavor at the end. Even in the dead of winter, I can take a few hits on my vaporizer and I instantly feel as if I am sitting on a beach somewhere. It is exactly why I like to recommend the Mount Baker Vapor’s Jamaican Rum.

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