Enjoy Fun and Color with the South Beach Smoke Clear Tank


The Colorful South Beach Smoke Clear Tank

I’m a colorful person and I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. Due to this, why in the world would I want to go with a dark, dank vaporizer that is nothing more than cold gray and black? I really didn’t want to purchase the over priced black vaporizers, so instead I decided to go with the South Beach Clear Tank. This option comes with seven different colors, so I had the ability to pick out blue, my favorite color. Of course, there are many other color options when it comes to the South Beach Clear Tank, not to mention an assortment of benefits as well.South Beach Smoke Clear Tanks

Some of the benefits of the South Beach Clear Tank include:

– 7 colors including purple, gray, black, blue, green, yellow and red

– 2.4 ml size

– Bottom coil construction

Color Options

Now, because I am a colorful person I decided to go with blue. Blue has always been my favorite color so really why wouldn’t I go with this? Other people are different and they might want to go with a red or purple. They can even go with the gray or black if they want, and although this is not for me, the clear feature of the tank makes it possible to always see how much is left in the vaporizer and if it is coming up on a replacement soon.


The 2.4 ml tank size is rather large. It is not over the top where it feels almost uncomfortable to hold the vaporizer tank, but due to the longer length of the tank, it fits perfectly into my hand and, as 2.4 ml is almost double the size of many entry level tanks, I do not need to constantly look around my apartment for a replacement fill.


On top of it all, the bottom coil construction is perfect for fitting up with just about any kind of South Beach Smoke vaporizer. This way, I do not need to use it only with a few different devices, but instead I can utilize it and hook it up to equipment that I already own, which makes it that much better.

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