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South Beach Smoke Thunder Starter Kit Review

South Beach Smoke has always been one of the best, in my opinion, vaporizer smoke options out there. When I had to decide which of the South Beach Smoke vaporizers to purchase, I found myself torn between the Thunder and the Storm kit varieties. I really enjoyed the color variation of the Storm, as I could find everything from blue to camo and literally every other color in between. However, I ended up going with the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank, due to the actual size and quality of the construction over the other. This is not to say the other device is inferior, as I do not have extensive experience with the Storm, but I decided to go with the Thunder kit, and for the most part, I am extremely happy I did.

The South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank Starter Kit comes with the following features:

– 3 battery sizes (350, 650 and 900 mAh)South Beach Smoke Thunder Vape

– Varying Voltage (3.7, 4.2 or 4.8 volts)

– Easy on and off

– 1.7 ml tank

– USB Charger

Some Features for the Thunder Kit

First, I do want to point out a few features that are similar to the other, less expensive South Beach Smoke options. All utilize the USB charging feature, which allows me to charge up my battery in the matter of a few minutes just about anywhere I am (the office, car, with my cell phone charger), and many also provide the varying battery size, which makes it easy to swap a replacement battery in and out of the South Beach Smoke Thunder. However, there are some other features that I do like that are not found on the less expensive models.

Final Thoughts

There is an easy on and off button found on the vaporizer. A common problem with less expensive vaporizers is the lack of this button. Without this button, I know I have accidentally used up E-liquid by leaning funny in my pocket. The South Beach Smoke Thunder Kit also uses a larger 1.7 ml tank instead of a 1.5 (or smaller). While I give the tank a 4 out of 5 due to the lack of color options, the quality is excellent.

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