Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod Review


Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod

Looking for a small, designer vaporizer to carry with you all day? The Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod is a natural choice for casual vapers who want to delve into temperature control options. With a built-in battery and a stylish set of finishes to choose from, this is the perfect choice for newer vapers looking to add some extra power into their daily regimen. 

The Look

From a distance, you will notice that the Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod has a slender, curved figure. The silver, white and grey finishes are standard, but Eleaf has added a gorgeous wood grain option and a copper finish that really sets them apart from their competitors. The front face of the device includes a mid-sized screen along with four buttons. What’s the extra button for? Well, Eleaf decided you should be able to switch between control modes easily, using an extra button. Functionally, it makes things much easier when setting up your device, which is a plus.

The Performanceeleaf-ipower-80w-tc-box-mod-packaging

This device is fairly straightforward. It comes with several temperature control options, designed for easy adoption and use for beginners. However, Eleaf has gone one step further by eliminating complicated menus and replacing them with a smart mode. Smart Mode automatically senses your coil resistance and adjusts accordingly, saving you time and energy, making it easier than ever to just press play. The device is also capable of saving 10 configurations, which you can easily recall at a later date. 

eleaf-ipower-80w-tcThe Battery

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod is not just its beautiful finish and awesome power, but its battery capacity. Surpassing nearly every other manufacturer of built-in battery devices, this 5000 mAh battery is a major announcement for this brand. While this size of battery may be standard among 150W+ devices, building it into an 80W device was entirely unheard of, until now. 

Overall, the Eleaf iPower 80W TC Box Mod is an impressive little beast in its own right. It looks differently than anything else on the market, and introduces plenty of impressive features that you won’t find in other 80W mods. The enhanced battery life and Smart Mode alone make it worth experimenting with for a little while. 

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