Efest IMR 26650 Green Battery Review


Efest IMR 26650

Choosing a battery for your device should never be a challenge, and with the Efest IMR 26650 Green Battery, the choice is simple. This is a 50A flat top battery designed for use in any 26650 device with either single or dual battery capacity. 

Plenty of Life

The Efest IMR 26650 Green Battery is a joy to own. With 4200 mAh, it is one of the longest-lasting batteries you can buy. A single charge is enough to keep your vape going all day. Even the highest powered devices function consistently and reliably with power from these 26650 batteries. 

Modern Technology

The Efest IMR 26650 Green Battery features LiMn chemical technology, an upgrade from other lithium ion cells. The LiMn compound is designed to handle higher current, which allows Efest to take the IMR 26650 up to 50A.

It is also a more stable mix of chemicals which are less susceptible to thermal runaway. As a result, these flat top batteries do not contain the same protective circuitry as regular LiIon batteries. However, users should be careful never to discharge these below 2.5V as doing so can reduce the battery life in the future. 

A Fresh Look

Efest takes great care in packaging their batteries using color-coded wrapping with plenty of information on the side.  The bright green of this coating is used to differentiate this battery from any other battery in the Efest lineup.

When you first receive your box of batteries, open them up and look at the wrapping to ensure you got the Efest IMR 26650 Green Battery, and not one of the other variants. This is important because some vapers have noted less reputable dealers sending them Efest batteries with purple or other colored wrappings, which use a different technology. 

Overall, if you have a device that needs a solid 26650 battery, Efest is the way to go. These batteries are built to last and they provide more power than any of the other LiIon batteries around.

In addition, the improved stability and safety are worth investing in to protect yourself and your favorite vaping devices. Efest has done a great job of building a battery that lives up to its claims and provides more than enough life for even the most hardcore vaper. 

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