Cupcake Man Blueberry E-liquid Review


Ready for a sugar rush? The Cupcake Man Blueberry is a fantastic twist on Vaper Treats‘ original vanilla cupcake flavor. With each and every hit you are blown away by the awesome sweetness of the icing and cake batter mixed together. If you’re a fan of desserts, this one is out of this world. 

Cupcake Man Blueberry Flavor Composition

When you take that first hit of Cupcake Man Blueberry you instantly will feel the jolt of sugar hitting your tongue and teeth. It’s the same way you get a sugar buzz when you eat the icing right off the cake. As the flavor settles onto the back of your tongue you suddenly notice the blueberry zing that you’ve been waiting for. Suddenly that sugary sweetness is cut with the unmistakable fruity flavor.

Then, as the vapor makes its way to your throat, you find the soft, cake-y flavor underlying all the sugar. Simple white cake with just a hint of vanilla and butter fills it out and takes some of the edge off. With each additional hit, the flavors blend together even better. 

The Liquid

Vaper Treats now has released several successful e-liquids featuring their unique 75 percent VG blend. The result is gigantic clouds full of insanely rich flavors. Despite the abrupt sweetness of this flavor, the throat hit is relatively mellow by the time all the other flavors unfold. However, the air around you will still carry the fullness of the flavor in its scent. It may be a little overwhelming at first to the unsuspecting.

Currently, Vaper Treats only offers this e-liquid in 0, 2 and 6 mg options, which is fewer than other large brands, but still versatile enough to get you started, and probably cuts down on their manufacturing costs. 

The Packaging

Similar to the original Cupcake Man packaging, this brightly colored blue and white box stands out on the shelf. The cute little cupcake is topped with plump-looking blueberries and just the right amount of sprinkles. The 60 mL bottle comes with a replaceable unicorn cap so you can easily carry your juice with you and refill on the go. More and more companies are jumping on this trend as vapers show that they are tired of droppers and want something a little more convenient. 

The next time you’re looking for a fun new treat, check out The Cupcake Man Blueberry and change things up. 

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