Crown Subtank by Uwell Review

The Crown Subtank by Uwell is one of the best subtanks in the market. It features a high-quality stainless steel vaporizer, a quartz glass tank, and organic cotton for its coil. It comes with a Single Coil, Dual Coils, as well as Temperature Control Coils. The large airflow design brings you massive vapor production.

Features and Options

The quartz glass and stainless steel design hold up well against scratches and ensures the device can last for a long time and not look beat up. The airflow is among the best you will ever see on a tank. The airflow can be set wide for no draw resistance, or closed a bit for the tighter draws. The airflow settings click into place making it virtually impossible to be accidentally changed.

You can refill the Crown from either the bottom or the top, unlike most other tanks. The holes for refilling are so large that they can fit just about any needle tip, and if you are really lazy, you could even pour straight from the bottle.  It has zero leaking, and you’ll never see a single drop of liquid anywhere on the Crown subtank.Crown Subtank by Uwell

Something that really makes the clearomizer stand out is the coil heads. Uwell makes use of only organic Japanese cotton in the wicking, and stainless steel heating wire for the coils. These coils are vertically wrapped, with the coil life averaging 4-5 weeks. The coils will provide you exceptional flavor throughout their lifespan and you can easily find replacement coils online at affordable prices.

There are a number of coil head options, and they include the single 0.5ohm or 1.2ohm SUS316 heads, the 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm dual SUS316 coil, and the dual 0.15ohm Ni00 head for the temperature control devices. You can vape the single coil heads at 30-80watts and 10-30watts respectively, while you can vape the dual heads at 80-120watts and 30-80watts respectively.


To sum it up, the quality of Crown Subtank by Uwell is impressive, with an easy to open and close threading. Easy to screw and unscrew, the feeling is nice as you can disassemble it and assemble it when you want to refill or change the coil. Even if you want to clean the tank, it is easy. Uwell apparently did their homework well before bringing this product in the market. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you are missing on an awesome vaping experience.

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