Cigavette Premiere Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit Review


Checking out Cigavette’s  Premiere Menthol E-Cig

When you’ve been smoking analog cigarettes for over 20 years, quitting is really hard. Even worse, it costs more to quit than to keep smoking! I’ve tried a lot of different e-cigs and stop-smoking products to get off Salem full-flavor, but Cigavette is the only one that’s really measured up for me.

About the Cigavette

The Cigavette, unlike most e-cigs, uses a custom “smart chip” to regulate the temperature of the heating element. This is important because any veteran vaper knows temperature affects the flavor and draw of the e-liquid. By regulating the temperature carefully, the flavor remains consistent every time. Cigavette only offers regular and menthol flavors, in a variety of strengths (more on this below). I particularly liked the throat hit the Cigavette delivers, although the perfect amount of draw to get the smart chip running takes a little getting used to.

About the Kit

The starter kit is pretty stripped-down and basic just to look at. When I opened it, my first thought was that it looked a lot like the Fin e-cigarettes Wal-Mart carries. The kit looks, feels and even smells just like a regular pack of cigarettes. The battery assembly is a little larger than an analog filter 100 with the cartomizer in place, but has a pleasantly lightweight feel to it. The kit includes two batteries, a charger and five cartomizers, as well as a cardboard hard pack that delivers the real feel of a pack of cigarettes. I like that they offer a choice of colors as well. I went with black, but you can also get regular white. Unlike many other brands that push the high-end kits right out of the gate, Cigavette makes their starter kit very affordable at only $24.95.Cigavette Premiere Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit

Strength Levels

Cigavette offers nicotine levels from 24 milligrams all the way down to 0. I especially like this feature, because I started at 24 mg as a two-pack-a-day smoker and am now down to 8 mg. The ability to gradually taper off while still getting the flavor of a real cigarette is definitely a winner for people who are trying to quit smoking but just can’t do it cold-turkey. I highly recommend the Cigavette menthol!

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