Aspire Plato Atomizers Review


Aspire Plato Atomizers

The all new Aspire Plato Atomizers are making a huge splash in the vaping universe with some incredible features and a super modern design. From the color and styling to the awesome mechanics, Aspire really has gone above and beyond with this atomizer.

The Look

There is something truly unique about looking at the Aspire Plato Atomizers. They have a classy, brushed steel look about them, but they also come in a variety of bright colors. From sleek grey and black to chic rose gold, and all the way to vivid blue, this is a wonderfully dressed up atomizer for any vaper. 

The FeaturesAspire Plato Atomizers

The Aspire Plato Atomizers are especially versatile for people who want a atomizer that can handle different setups and different vaping styles. The package includes both a Delrin drip tip and a standard stainless steel tip that are quickly interchangeable.

The Delrin tip is paired perfectly with a 0.4 Ohm Clapton coil, but with just a turn of the key you can pull the whole thing out and replace it with the Nautilus 1.8 Ohm Kanthal coils instead.

Apsire Plato Atomizers come with everything you need to try both setups, so you won’t have to worry about hunting down compatible parts or pushing the device outside the limits. Lastly, adjustable airflow holes right on the top make it easy to create a different feel in no time. 


Aspire has generously made it possible to quickly refill your tank with two accessible plugs right on the side of your device. In addition, the battery rests at your fingertips, and with a simple press on the side, you can pull it out and replace it with a freshly-charged one on the go. Since all of the major parts are made to unscrew and come apart completely, this atomizer is extremely easy to keep clean compared to some others, and the end result is much better flavor all around. 

Truly, the Aspire Plato Atomizers are a great value for vapers who are looking for something that is both elegant and very easy to use. It provides enough options to give you a personalized experience without being overwhelming.

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