Mount Baker Vapor Apfelstrudel E-liquid Review


The Delicious Mount Baker Vapor Apfelstrudel E-Juice

Alright, so when I was convinced to try the Apfelstrudel E Juice by  Mount Baker Vapor I was really skeptical. I usually don’t go for the fancy flavored vaping liquids or any of that stuff, but when I did try the Apfelstrudel flavor I was really surprised. Yes, it is not your typical vaping flavor, but it is kind of a nice treat and break in my routine of the tobacco flavored vaping.

Initial Thoughts

Just like it sounds like, Apfelstrudel is really German for Apple Strudel, that favorite desert. And the Apfelstrudel E Juice  gives me a slight taste of the apple desert without being overpowering. My girlfriend disagrees with me on this, she thinks the apple strudel flavor is too powerful and needs diluting, but hey, different tastes for different folks.

Mount Baker Vapor Apfelstrudel

Flavor Notes

My first puff definitely had me feeling like I was enjoying a big piece of flakey apple pastry. A few more puffs in and the flavor mellows out and falls off, leaving the apple taste without the overwhelming sugary taste I caught at first. This is a tasty vaping flavor but one I know I would only use for special occasions or when I need a nicotine fix and my sweet tooth satisfied at the same time.

Frequency of Use

For me, the Apfelstrudel flavor isn’t an everyday smoker. It’s a treat vaping flavor or one you keep on hand when you have guest over to offer up for tastings. What I like about it is when I have some after a week or two of vaping my standard tobacco flavor because it mixes things up and refreshes me for the vaping experience.


Like all of the Mount Baker products I have used, the Apfelstrudel comes in a childproof bottle with a really easy to use dripper that makes filling my device easy. Simply unscrew the chamber and the puppet at the end of the dripper fits snugly into the chamber, meaning there are no wasted drops and spills. This makes for a clean filling of my vaping device and no wasted liquid.

Final Judgement

Bottom line, this is one of the those special occasion flavors. It is really good but you only get it out when the time is right.

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