Any Cherry Lover Will Enjoy VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridges


A review of VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Flavor Cartridges

Growing up, there was just something about getting that iced cold, cherry slushy. The burst of flavor really made it unlike anything else and I’d always go for the machine whenever we visited the local drug store. Of course, even now, I still go out to the drug store for my cherry slushy, even though it is three decades later. Naturally though, this is not the only time I enjoy a smooth, refreshing, cherry flavor. Since making the switch over to a vaporizer, I have tried out different flavors of cherry, and I must say my absolute favorite is the VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridge. This cartridge is easy to take and is perfect really at any time of the day. it isn’t overly sweet where it just tastes artificial, all while proving extremely smooth with just the right kick of nicotine, although I can also alter this when I desire.VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridges 2

Some of the main benefits of going with a VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridge is:

– Change the level of nicotine

– Easy to use and enjoy

Nicotine Strength

One thing that I don’t believe many non vaporizer users know is that it is possible to quickly and easily change the level of nicotine found inside of each cartridge. Instead of having one or two nicotine options, as is the case with a regular cigarette, I am able to select between four different levels of nicotine with the VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridge, which helps it stand out from some of the other options out there.

VaporFi Express Cherry Crush CartridgesSwapping Cartridges

Beyond just the four levels of nicotine found in the VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridge, which I can alter when I order the cartridges, it really is easy to use. All I need to do is swap out a current cartridge and insert this new one. I can go from any flavor to this and back again without a problem. In fact, I don’t even need to use the entire cartridge, so if I want to enjoy the VaporFi Express Cherry Crush Cartridge in the middle of a regular cartridge, I have this ability. It is just one of the perks of making the switch to a vaporizer.

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