A Change of Pace with the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid


South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze Flavor E-Liquid

I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so whenever there is something sweet and fruity try I always jump at the opportunity. One day I was out with friends and I saw someone smoking a vaporizer. This intrigued me a bit and they let me test it out. The flavor proved just up my alley and was exactly something I would use on a continual basis. When I asked them the flavor, they told me it was the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid. Of course, I had to go out and instantly purchase the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid and an accompanying South Beach Smoke vaporizer. While I have experimented with other flavors, I must say this is still my favorite flavor.

There are several different flavor options when it comes to the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid. These flavor options include:

– Island Pineapple

– Mango Tango

– Orange Crush

South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze

Flavor Level Customization

When ordering the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid, each comes, by default, with a single shot of each mixed together. However, it is possible to alter the percentage of this mixture. I can opt for more or less shots with the different flavors in order to tailor make it to my individual taste requirements. Of course, with the ability to try out different kinds of flavor levels, I can actually experience the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid in a completely different way, every time I have it. This keeps my favorite flavor fresh and new, without having to actually go and try out a different kind of e-liquid.


The South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid works with just about any South Beach Smoke vaporizer on the market, and since I already had a vaporizer from South Beach Smoke, I did not need to go out and purchase a different kind. I would completely recommend the South Beach Smoke Bahama Breeze E-Liquid for anyone who wants something sweet to help receive their nicotine fix (or not, as it is possible to obtain the flavor without any sort of nicotine in it). This is perfect for after dinner, or even as a late night fix to curb my sudden sweet tooth.

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