120 Cream Pop Vape Juice Review


120 Cream Pop Vape Juice

You hear the music of the ice cream man floating out across your neighborhood, and you run out to greet him. He hands you an ice cold popsicle, dripping sticky orange sherbet. You can detect just a faint hint of vanilla bean right at the center. The icy cool taste of your favorite summer treat is the inspiration for this fabulous vape juice, and 120 Cream Pop is here to stay. 


Mad Hatter Vape Juice has hit the ball out of the park with 120 Cream Pop. It’s sweet, and it’s everything you remember about the bright faux citrus flavor of orange cream popsicles. You can feel the sherbet melting in your mouth as it gives way to a pleasant vanilla aftertaste just like ice cream. This one tastes great on both the inhale and the exhale, giving you a really steady flavor that doesn’t fade too quickly. You will also note just a hint of menthol at the forefront, providing you with the cooling effect of eating real ice cream. However, the menthol doesn’t stick around for long, as it gives way to the popping orange flavor. 

Other Features120-cream-pop-vape-juice

In an effort to replicate classic flavors, this one definitely does the job. The flavor is unmistakable, and the delivery is just as smooth and creamy as you could hope. Other notable features of this product include the awesome new bottle design that looks remarkably like an old school popsicle right off the ice cream truck. The all new unicorn bottle is an interesting touch that makes it easier than ever to carry a refill with you on the road. 

PG/VG Blend

The blend is a 30/70 PG/VG mix, which takes advantage of the natural VG sweetness, while still having enough volume and viscosity to make it flow easily through your device. Mad Hatter offers 120 Cream Pop E-liquid in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine strengths, which is plenty for most vapers. We would say this flavor fits in well if you already have a collection of fresh fruit flavors, or if you are a big fan of ice cream options. As summer winds its way to a close, you can keep on celebrating the warm weather and fun fruity desserts all year round with this gigantic 120 mL bottle of juice. 

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